Sunday, November 25, 2012

Occupy Beale on November 27, Protest Drone Warfare!

Occupy Beale AFB: Upcoming Monthly Protests

Nov. 27 at 3 PM till Nov. 28, vigil from 6-9 AM (Tues/Wed)

Dec. 17 at 3PM till Dec.18, vigil from 6-9 AM (Mon/Tues)

Hello Peacemakers,

The Anti-war, Anti-Drone action at Beale AFB on Oct. 29-30M was a big success! We had about 60 participants, including 15 from Nevada County, and others from Chico, Bay Area, Fresno and Sacramento, and even one from Salinas!

We were able to block the main entrance for four hours, and 4 activists went to the Doolittle Gate, where they were arrested and cited on federal trespassing charges. Then 5 others were arrested at the main gate, also on fed. trespassing charges. All were released and told that we would be receiving court dates in the mail (fed. court in Sacramento). We will update you regarding need for court support as we find out more.

Please go to for photos and wonderful videos from Tatiana of the action.

We are hoping to expand the anti-drone and anti-war movement, and hope that more of you will be able to join us in future vigils, and planning for future direct action/risking arrest. Please mark on your calendars the following up-coming vigils at Beale AFB, at the main gate on N. Beale Rd.
  • Nov. 27 at 3 PM till Nov. 28, vigil from 6 to 9 AM (Tues. and Wed.)
  • Dec. 17 at 3PM till Dec.18, vigil from 6 to 9 AM (Mon. and Tues.)
For more information, and carpooling contact:

Nevada County: Shirley, 941-320-0291 or Pamela, 941-735-8865
Bay Area: Toby, 510-215-5974,
Chico: Cathy, 530-342-5902

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 12 in San Francisco: Pakistan Peace Delegation Report Back

Monday, November 12, 2012, 6pm
War Memorial Veterans Building
401 Van Ness Ave, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA

CODEPINK, in partnership with Veterans for Peace, will gather to hear Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK co-director and founder, and Pakistan trip delegates Toby Blome and Dianne Budd speak at the War Memorial Veterans Building in San Francisco to discuss their trip to Pakistan and the struggle to stop the proliferation of drones. Delegates will, also, provide tools and resources to take action!

Please join us! Join the Facebook event and tell your friends!

For related posts about the delegation of peace activisits to Pakistan, see:
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