Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shrove Tuesday Vigil, Potluck, and Ash Wednesday Service at Beale AFB

All events will take place at Beale's main (Schneider) gate.
Tuesday, March 4:
            3 to 5 pm-Shrove Tuesday anti-drone vigil 
            5:30  to 7:30 pm-  Community potluck and campfire
Wednesday, March 5:
            6:30 am- Anti-drone vigil and service of repentance
            8:00 am- Prayerful nonviolent direct action to witness against drones

The March 5th Ash Wednesday Service of Repentance and direct action at Beale Air Force Base has expanded to include a Shrove Tuesday vigil and potluck on the afternoon of March 4.  People from all faith traditions are invited to join us for any or all of these events, which will take place at Beale's main (Schneider) gate. 
Shrove Tuesday's vigil will take place on March 4, from 3 to 5 p.m., at the side of the road, as Beale employees are leaving the base.  (We have developed a good relationship with base employees during these past three years of peaceful protests.)  During the vigil, there will be a nonviolence training offered in preparation for the next day's direct action.  
After the vigil, we will have a potluck dinner, as regular Beale demonstrations do every month.  Then we will sit around the campfire sharing stories, songs, and other forms of community building.  We will briefly discuss plans for the service and direct action that will take place the next day.  Bring some simple food to share. 
Following the campfire, several options for lodging are available for those who want to stay overnight.   People are invited to camp, as some people do each month.  There are also homes with beds, pads, and/or sleeping bag space in Marysville (10 minutes from Beale) and in Nevada City (35 minutes from Beale).  Motels are also available in Marysville if you prefer privacy.   To reserve space in a home, call (530) 265-5976
We will get up bright and early to begin our Ash Wednesday vigil and Service of Repentance at 6:30 a.m. on March 5.  In addition to focusing on repentance for the harm caused to drone victims, we will issue a call to repentance for: the harm done to the Indigenous people who used to live where Beale is now, the harm being done to Mother Earth by our building and deploying high-tech weapons and weapons of mass destruction, the harm done to families and communities who suffer cutbacks in public services while billions are spent for the military, the overall harm caused by the global reach of US military power. 
The service will be led by clergy from several denominations which will involve a call to faithfulness and action, songs, prayers, scripture, Holy Communion (open to all), and the use of ashes to symbolize repentance and to acknowledge our mortality and interrelatedness with the whole web of life.  Some will carry white crosses with drawings memorializing children killed by US drones.  All are welcome to bring whatever signs or symbols are meaningful to them. 
At the end of the service, several people will engage in a prayerful nonviolent direct action as a witness against U.S. drone attacks.  Others are invited to stand in support of this witness. 
Find out more at the OccupyBealeAir Force Base FaceBook Page or by emailing  To stay current with demonstrations at Beale, check out the Occupy Beale AFB website.

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