Thursday, August 21, 2014

September 29/30 - Stop the Drones! at Beale


Drones allow aggressors to destroy targets killing suspects extra-judicially including children & innocent people from a computer thousands of miles away! They can spy intimately on anyone including domestic surveillance or commit assassinations in defiance of international & US law! 50 nations now have drones – an expanding insane proliferation.

Vigil at Beale Air Force Base (north of Sacramento, CA)
Occupy Beale Event, Co-Sponsored by Campaign Nonviolence
Date: September 29 - 30, 2014
Time: 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Organizer: Sherri Maurin
Venue: Beale Air Force Base
City: Beale AFB, CA


Monday & Tuesday– September 29th & 30th

Monday 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.:  Wheatland Gate, S. Beale Rd., (call organizers or check OccupyBeale website to confirm location; subject to change)

Monday, 5:30 p.m.:  Anti-Drone Encampment & Potluck, Main Gate, N. Beale Rd. Campout at the main gate, or stay in local hotel. Other overnight arrangements possible.

Tuesday, 6:00 – 8:00 a.m.: Main Gate (N. Beale Rd) Vigil, Bannering, & Leafleting.

For more info. /carpooling/ or to discuss Nonviolent Direct Action opportunities:

Nevada/Yuba: Shirley 941-320-0291

Sacramento Area: Barry 916-284-0944,

Bay Area: Toby 510-215-5974,

Campaign Nonviolence NoCal: Sherri 415-250-7986

This event is one of the dozens of Campaign Nonviolence actions
taking place nationwide during September, 2014, many of them
organized by groups with a strong history of protesting drones
killings and drone surveillance.
See the full list of actions nationwide.

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Perhaps the single most significant consequence of the advent of killer drones is that they allow the state to efficiently separate war-making from the emotional involvement of the people of the country using them. In other words, with the coming of drone warfare, we have been denied the opportunity for empathy with those affected by our (direct and indirect) actions.

(See Why is "Ending the military drone program" a pillar of Campaign Nonviolence?)

Beale pilots control the Global Hawk, an important surveillance and reconnaissance drone that plays an important role in finding military drone targets and coordinating information before and during drone strikes. Pilots at Beale witness the carnage and devastation of drone strikes and are complicit in the assassination program.

(See Beale: Occupy Militarism, Ground the Drones, Shut the Base Down! )

The "Veterans Spring Days Drone Action" temporarily blocked traffic at the two busiest gates entering Beale AFB, the home to Global Hawk (Surveillance drone), the U2 and the MC12 Liberty aircraft, all participants in the so-called "war on terror." They have been complicit in the deaths and injuries thousands of innocent civilians.

(See Occupy Beale AFB Update: The ultimate right is the right to life! )

In Pennsylvania, demonstrations to stop the establishment of the Drone War Command Center at the Horsham Air Guard Station, outside of Philadelphia, have been going on monthly. There will be a protest on September 27, 2014, in conjunction with the Campaign Nonviolence week of actions.

(See September 27 - Stop Drone War Command Center at Horsham )

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aug. 25-26: Occupy Beale AFB Stands With GAZA

Occupation is a Crime, From Afghanistan to Palestine

OCCUPY BEALE AFB.....Monthly resistance to Drone Warfare & Global Militarization
Join activists throughout Northern California
Aug. 25, Monday, 3pm-5pm, Wheatland Gate, S. Beale Rd. and Ostrom Rd.
Mon. Night Encampment, Main Gate, end of N. Beale Rd.
Aug. 26, Tuesday, 6-8am, Main Gate, end of N. Beale Rd.

Sign up on Facebook.

Wear Black clothing, to memorialize the lost lives from the recent assaults on GAZA.
Women in Black will be joining us! Nonviolent Direct Action planned.....see below!

Protesters at the Port of Oakland oppose Israeli Apartheid and violence in Gaza.

The global resistance to Israeli Apartheid is growing. Locally, a diverse group of activists blocked the Israeli Zim ship at the Oakland Port for 5 days!...ultimately causing it to return to the sea with only a small percentage of its cargo unloaded. It cost Israel hundreds of thousands of dollars! Now Tacoma and LA are joining the campaign....planning to block other Israeli Zim ships this weekend! The BDS campaign is expanding as the missiles on GAZA continue to slaughter civilians and destroy homes. Please join us this month as we bring the truth about Palestine to Beale AFB, and be a voice against the brutality of the "American/Israeli Military Industrial Complex".

Please read Sharon Delgado's call for direct action
Justice in Palestine and No Drone Warfare anywhere......
Drone Free World, from GAZA to Pakistan!

Hello Friends,

I know some of you are planning to join us at Beale for the demonstration against drones and militarism on Mon, August 25 and/or Tues, August 26 at Beale Air Force Base. This month we will focus on the Israeli drones and other high-tech weapons that have killed so many civilians, U.S. military aid to Israel, and the U.S. drone warfare program. We will wear black in honor of the "Women in Black" movement that began in Palestine, and has spread around the world.

The main gate of Beale on Tuesday morning would be a great place for a nonviolent direct action, if any of you feel ready to step across the line as a public witness against US military support for Israel. Recently, people who cross the line at Beale for the first time do bring publicity to the issues but do not get a citation and do not have to appear in court. Those who are "repeat offenders" (like me) do have to go to court to answer to charges of "trespass." Those of us who have been found guilty previously have been sentenced to 10 hours of community service. Our next arraignment (of 15 or so of us) will be on September 9.

I would be honored to offer a nonviolence training if any two or more people would like to take this step. Email me directly and we will set up a time.

We will be at the Wheatland Gate at 3 p.m. on Monday, and the Main Gate at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. See directions below. The Main Gate is about 35 to 40 minutes from Grass Valley, Wheatland a little longer.

Hope to see you there.

For Peace (with Justice),


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Occupy Beale Event, Co-Sponsored by Campaign Nonviolence - September 29 - 30, 2014

(See September 29/30 - Stop the Drones! at Beale )

Beale pilots control the Global Hawk, an important surveillance and reconnaissance drone that plays an important role in finding military drone targets and coordinating information before and during drone strikes. Pilots at Beale witness the carnage and devastation of drone strikes and are complicit in the assassination program.

(See Beale: Occupy Militarism, Ground the Drones, Shut the Base Down! )

The "Veterans Spring Days Drone Action" temporarily blocked traffic at the two busiest gates entering Beale AFB, the home to Global Hawk (Surveillance drone), the U2 and the MC12 Liberty aircraft, all participants in the so-called "war on terror." They have been complicit in the deaths and injuries thousands of innocent civilians.

(See Occupy Beale AFB Update: The ultimate right is the right to life! )

August 21 Report: Demand a Drone-Free LAPD

Follow the Coalition:

Drone-Free LAPD/No Drones, LA!: Join Us! Tuesday, September 2nd at 6:30pm for a meeting to further the campaign against LAPD’s drones! Location: LA CAN 838 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles.
Next General Coalition Meeting: Join Us! Tuesday September 16th at 6:30pm for our monthly general Coalition Meeting.  Location: TBA

Campaign Launch: Drone-Free LAPD/No Drones, LA!

On Thursday, August 21st the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, along with the National Lawyers Guild, Restore the Fourth, Islamic Shura Council, and other groups and community members officially launched the Drone-Free LAPD/ No Drones, LA! campaign to stop the LAPD from using their recently acquired drones.  Over 40 participants  with over 20 media outlets, attended the launch which included a press conference, theatre, and a march to the Mayor’s office. The community was energized and focused, sending a clear message to the Mayor, City Hall and the LAPD Police Commission - “Angelenos reject the use of drones by the LAPD and expect the Mayor to listen and to heed to the communities’ demand.” 

On August 12th the Drone-Free LAPD/No Drones, LA! Campaign sent a letter to Mayor Eric Garcetti detailing various concerns regarding the LAPD's acquisition and proposed usage of drones. This letter requested an urgent meeting with the Mayor, however the Mayor's office stated he was too busy and could not meet with community for at least a month. With the intention to deliver a packet of information and to schedule a meeting with the Mayor, community members  marched to his office after the press conference. The LAPD, however, closed the entrance into City Hall refusing access to community members and other unaffiliated persons seeking to do business at a public facility.  A representative from the Mayor's office eventually came down to address our concerns.  We were told that our issues would be taken to the Mayor with a follow up in regards to a request for a meeting but also with an explanation as to why police officers made an indiscriminate decision to close a public building when no safety concern was present.  

To date we have not confirmed a meeting with the Mayor’s office.  
Stay tuned! 

For further information please email: or call (424) 209-7450

Follow the Coalition:,_LA!/home.html and

Will We Sleep Or Will We Fight!??!

In the Media: Check out the various articles and media coverage this event generated below.
Drone Activists warn of “Mission Creep” at Downtown Rally.   Read More….
Anti-Spying Coalition Launches campaign against LAPD Drones.  Read More…
Drone-Free LAPD? Read More…
Protesters Rally at City Hall against LAPD Drones. Read More…
Drone-Free LAPD Demanded by activists. Read More…
LAPD Thinks it’s at War and Now it Has Drones.  Read More...
‘Drone-Free LAPD!’ LA residents protest police spy drones. Read More…
Backlash against Police Militarization. 
Group Against Drones.


See the Stop LAPD Spying website for more info.
The Stop LAPD Spying Coalition invites you to our monthly General Coalition Meeting. Join us in planning the “No Drones in LA!” campaign. Communities across the world are speaking out and taking action against Drones. They spy, they kill, they crash.

We say No to Drones in LA and need to stop LAPD’s recent acquisition of drones and make sure these drones never get off the ground in our town! Join us Tuesday July 15th at 6:30pm at the Downtown UCLA Labor Center at 675 S. Park View Ave., Los Angeles - adjacent to MacArthur Park.

Will We Sleep Or Will We Fight!??!

Join the Facebook event and invite others!

Draganflyer X6 drone


Nearly a year ago,the Seattle Police Department acquired two 3.5lbs Draganflyer X6 drones through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The community of Seattle actively resisted the city’s attempt to use drones in a highly fueled public hearing at the Seattle City Council with community residents chanting “No Drones!” and ”Murderers!” The public uproar over privacy rights and police spying compelled the mayor to scrap the program permanently before the drones got off the ground. However, the Canadian manufacturer who built the drones refused to take them back. This prompted Seattle to “gift” them to our Los Angeles Police Department.

It comes as no surprise that LAPD was given these drones. In fact, this is not the first time LAPD has talked about drones. Earlier in February LAPD was in Israel during their “Big Data” conference looking at drones called “Hovermast”. “Hovermast” drones can be used for spying and even crowd control.

The acquisition of these drones in the larger context of the LAPD Architecture of surveillance, spying and infiltration demonstrates the continued militarization of the LAPD. Embedded within this infrastructure is an enormous array of electronic and human surveillance programs and devices such as - Trapwire, Stingray, Hi Definition Cameras, Automatic License Plate Readers, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Special Order 1, iWATCH, Predictive Policing, and the Safer Cities Initiative.

Along with violating our basic human rights, the potential for destruction of lives and property remains high. As reported on June 23, 2014 by the Washington Post: “When Drones Fall From The Sky - more than 400 large US military drones have crashed in major accidents around the world since 2001,” highlighting “a record of calamity that exposes the potential dangers of throwing open [our] skies to drone traffic.”  [See: California: Is the Sky Falling?]

Though Chief Beck is publicly stating he is seeking community input, he never sought community input while LAPD was at the Big Data Convention in Israel admiring the use of Hovermast. Chief Beck went public claiming to arrange a meeting with the American Civil Liberties Union to quell public shock in regards to privacy violation. In an article released by L.A. Times ACLU is quoted stating they never agreed to such a formal meeting with LAPD.

The people of Los Angeles say NO! to drones too - We can’t let LA be the dumping ground for other cities. We are the community and we are not going to wait for a public hearing or for Chief Beck to speak to advocacy groups. We say: No Drones Here or Anywhere!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

California: Is the Sky Falling?

On June 22, 2014, the Washington Post published the results of a far-reaching investigation into crashes that have occurred in the U.S. drone program.

Shockingly, of the 194 major ("Class A") crashes that the Washington Post was able to document, 47  occurred within the United States.

Below is information on ten (10) drone crashes that occurred in the state of California alone between the years 2004 and 2011. (The listed incidents are Air Force-related, unless otherwise indicated.)

(See the full online database of crashes on the Washington Post website for full details of these and other drone crashes.)

Victorville crash: July 28, 2010


Date: October 13, 2004
Location: Palmdale
Estimated damage: $1,721,973
Details: A brand-new Predator crashed . . . .


Date: October 21, 2005
Location: Palmdale
Estimated damage: $6,796,497
Details: A Reaper on a training flight crashed . . . .


Date: September 9, 2008
Location: undisclosed CA location
Estimated damage: N/A
Details: Reaper crash

Date: November 17, 2008
Location: undisclosed CA location
Estimated damage: N/A
Details: A Warrior (MQ-1C) owned by the Army crashed


Fort Irwin crash: March 20, 2009
Date: March 20, 2009
Location: Fort Irwin
Estimated damage: $3,929,647
Details: A Reaper crashed . . . .

Date: May 28, 2009
Location: Rogers Dry Lake bed, adjacent to airfield at Edwards Air Force Base
Estimated damage: N/A
Details: Emergency landing by Global Hawk . . . .


Date: July 28, 2010
Location: Victorville
Estimated damage: $5,000,000
Details: A Hummingbird (A160T Hummingbird) owned by the Army crashed . . . .

Victorville crash: April 20, 2010
Date: April 20, 2010
Location: Victorville
Estimated damage: $3,742,211
Details: A Predator crashed . . . .

Date: August 31, 2010
Location: two miles north of Gray Butte Airfield, Palmdale
Estimated damage: $10,300,000
Details: A brand-new Reaper crashed on private property . . . .


Date: March 16, 2011
Location: undisclosed CA location
Estimated damage: N/A
Details: A Gray Eagle (MQ-1C) owned by the Army crashed . . . .

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Say "War is Not Green!" this June at Beale AFB

OCCUPY BEALE AFBMonthly NO DRONES PEACE ENCAMPMENT: Join CodePinkVFP, and activists from throughout Northern California:
-June 23, Monday, 3pm-5pm,  Wheatland Gate, S. Beale Rd. and Ostrom Rd.
-Mon. Night Encampment, Main Gate, N. Beale Rd.
-June 24Tuesday, 6-8am, Main Gate, N. Beale Rd.


Message from CODEPINK for Peace:

Dear Friends,

While we vigil at Beale to protest drone warfare, we also occupy Beale AFB every month to oppose militarism and global militarization.  This month please join us as we try to underline the threat militarism has on the health of our mother earth and say "WAR IS NOT GREEN!"

Depleted uranium, nuclear weapons, agent orange, toxic waste dumps, white phosphorous, napalm....the list is endless.....not to mention the grossly excessive use of fossil fuel that contributes to climate change.  The U.S. military uses more fossil fuel than any other institution on the planet!  And our soldiers suffer too.....high cancer rates, birth defects in their children, sterility, etc., etc.

Dress yourself up in GREEN clothing to emphasize the point, or come as you are....but we welcome large signs and banners to help with the messaging.  

We will also be honoring and welcoming home:  Bowe Bergdahl....
one more soldier who had the courage to listen to his conscience and act!

Join us in uniting for Peace,
Shirley, Flora, Barry, Michael, Pamela, Janie, Fred, John, Catherine, and Toby
For more info./carpooling, 
Nevada/Yuba County:  Shirley  941-320-0291
Sacramento Area:  Barry  916-284-0944,

Directions To Wheatland Gate (PM & AM vigils),  
At intersection of So. Beale Rd. and Ostrom Rd.:

From the North  (Chico/Marysville):
Take Hwy. 70 south from Marysville, merge to left onto Hwy. 65.
Take Ostrom Rd. to left until it meets So. Beale Rd.  Turn left on So. Beale Rd. and park car to side of Rd.  If you miss the Ostrom Rd. turn off, continue south on Hwy 65, and turn left on So. Beale Rd. (marked with Beale AFB sign).

From the South (Sacramento/SF Bay Area)
Please check out these directions on pdf below, as getting onto Ostrom Rd. is a bit tricky from Hwy 70.

Directions to Main Gate (Mon. nite encampment area) :  
Take I-5 north of Sacramento, just north of I-80, take exit 525B to transfer to Hwy 99, continue  12.5. mi. and stay right to transfer onto Hwy 70, continue about 20 miles, exit at Feather River Blvd., just after the Erle Rd. exit. Do not take the 1st Feather River Blvd. which is about 10 miles earlier!  (note sign to Beale AFB)  Turn right at ramp, You’ll be facing Burger King, across the street, a good bathroom stop.  If you don’t cross the intersection, turn immediately right at the light (Lindhurst Ave.) and left at 2nd light to get on N. Beale Rd.   Continue on N. Beale Rd. for over 6 miles.  It dead ends at the Gate Entrance.  Plenty of parking on left side of Rd. near the gate.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Walk to Peace Arrives at Gates of Beale AFB Bearing Memories of Drone Warfare Victims

The Walk to Peace arrived at the Gates of Beale
 Air Force Base, from which the Global Hawk
 Surveillance Drones are piloted, on Tuesday 5/27.
They bore with them the stories of the many innocents
 killed and terrorized by U.S. drone warfare.
They left white chalk outlines on the ground in
 front of the gates, recreating the scene of a drone
 massacre as testaments to the dead.
Veterans for Peace was a major sponsor of the Walk to Peace,
 which was planned by Occupy Beale AFB
A posture of submission emphasized the helplessness
 of those made victims of U.S. imperial might.

Killed shamelessly by hellfire missiles while trying to flee.
The Peace Walkers appeared formidable as, standing at the
 gates, they took up a cry of righteous anger.

Festooning the gates with pink garlands on
 which were written the names of drone victims.
The ten-day walk from San Francisco to Beale may have come
 to an end, but our collective Walk to Peace continues. Join us.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Drone Strike Kills 7 in San Diego

Last weekend, California was alive with anti-drone ferment. While the Walk to Peace, a 10 day sojourn to Beale Air Force Base, set off across the San Francisco Bay, activists in San Diego held a weekend of demonstrations in solidarity with the nationwide Spring Days of Drone Action. One feature of the weekend was an evocative and powerful street theatre performance in San Diego's Balboa park, simulating a drone attack on American soil like those that have been and continue to be deadly reality in Pakistan and Yemen. Click here to stream video of the event.
The simulated Hellfire missile
 was lowered from above.
Balboa Park soon became a grisly scene indeed.
When Drones Fly, Children Die. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism 
has documented over 200 children confirmed killed by U.S. drone strikes.
What if they were our children?
Nearly five thousand people have been confirmed killed by
 drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen alone.
Those killed by U.S. drone strikes leave behind families and
 communities that are traumatized by their absence and
 by the randomness and violence of their slaughter.
Photos by Cristie Ann Paris
Thank you for bringing the consequences of U.S. drone policy
 home so vividly in San Diego, the home of General Atomics
 and many other military contractors that profit from drone terrorism.
The Spring Days of Drone Action continue throughout
 California and nationwide! Click here for more information.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Walk to peace crosses the bay.

Report of Walk to Peace, Day 1:  

UPDATE: The day was featured in a fantastic article on Popular Resistance.

We met at the Golden Gate Bridge and walked to the center of with banners & flags. It was very crowded so a lot of people cheered our signs.

Symbolically beginning the march from the center of the Golden
Gate Bridge, to head south and east then cross the bay by ferry.
Toby Blomé of Code Pink, Braving the
winds to hold aloft our message.
The bridge looks like a utopian monument to peace in this context.

"One people, one Earth. Stop Drone Attacks."

Bearing the standards of Peace.

Devan Phenix

Walked through Fisherman's Wharf and on to the Ferry Building where members of World Can't Wait greeted us with a scale model of an armed Reaper Drone, the model that continues to torment and kill in Pakistan and Yemen.

We took the ferry to Vallejo for the first night of our journey. A wonderful activist, Barbara, put us up for the night, presenting a delicious vegetarian meal. Tomorrow, we set out for day 2, 15 miles to the west side of Fairfield.


The Walk to Peace continues, and the Spring Days of Drone
continue nationwide. Click here to
 find out about events in your state.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

"We Will Not Raise Our Children to Kill the Children of Other Mothers!"

      CODEPINK Monthly Golden Gate Bridge Walk 
                  Sunday, May 11, 2013, NOON
Mother's Day, 2013, Golden Gate Bridge

Reclaim the original meaning of the day:   
"We Will Not Raise Our Children to Kill the Children of Other Mothers!"  
Join us to reclaim the original meaning behind Mother's Day:
This Mother's Day please join us on the Golden Gate Bridge.  Bring your mothers and daughters, your sons and fathers, your grandchildren, friends and neighbors to honor our history, and celebrate our passion for PEACE!

Wear pink or come as you are, but come in the spirit of unity for nonviolence.

Bring signs ( 2x3 ft. or smaller)......wooden sticks/poles are now permitted.

Some Suggested Messages:  
-Mother's Day:  A Day for Peace 

-Mothers Say No War

-Mothers for Peace 

11:45 am:  Gather at the SF or Marin end of the eastern walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge.
                   Parking available on all 4 "corners",  just remember to take
                   the last exit on hwy 101 as you approach the bridge, or the
                   first exit after you leave the bridge.

Noon:          Walk on the eastern walkway from the north or south ends, 
                   to converge in the middle.  

1:30pm      Rally on SF side after the bridge walk:
   Mike Check, Reading of Julia's MOTHER'S DAY PROCLAMATION
Bring your children, your mothers, friends, relatives and your LOVE!
                  BE GREEN AND CARPOOL

grow in peace,
Toby  Blome
Contact me to arrange carpooling

Let us not forget:

Wedding Party Victims, Yemen, December 12, 2014

In response to the carnage of the Civil War, Julia Ward Howe's 1870 Mother's Day Proclamation declared:               

              Our sons shall not be taken from us to unlearn
              All that we have been able to teach them of charity, mercy and patience.
              We, the women of one country, will be too tender of those of another country
              To allow our sons to be trained to injure theirs........Disarm, Disarm!

Some creative readings of the full Mother's Day Proclamation:


Julia Ward Howe, the
 originator of Mother's Day

Howe called for women of all nations to work together for a more peaceful world.

In honor of Julia Ward Howe, and in solidarity with all the mothers of the world who are suffering today from the carnage of wars in Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere in the world, we invite mothers and their loved ones to join us this Mother's Day to walk united against war.  We will read Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation, and sing and rally for peace following the march.  We will distribute flyers to educate the public about the history of Mother's Day. 

The Spring Days of Drone Action
 continue through May nationwide!
CLICK HERE for more information!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Occupy Beale AFB Update: The ultimate right is the right to life!

13 Protestors, Including 6 Veterans, Arrested Protesting Drones at Beale AFB TuesdayTried to Deliver Letter Charging Obama, Beale Base Commander with 'Crimes Against Humanity'
A protester testifies to the pain
 caused by drone killing.
 Main Gate:  7 arrested

Wheatland Gate:  6 arrested

MARYSVILLE/BEALE AFB – Six military veterans were among 13 people arrested at Beale Air Force Base here early Tuesday morning as they attempted to deliver an "indictment" charging President Obama, the Beale base commander, drone pilots and others with "crimes against peace and crimes against humanity."
Vets action
Main gate: 7 arrested
Wheatland gate: 6 arrested
 All 13 demonstrators – who were handcuffed about 8 a.m. – were released after about two hours with misdemeanor charges. They are to appear in U.S. District Court. They face up to six months in prison.
Demonstrators being arrested at a Beale gate.

Blocking the gate with a banner depicting
 children murdered by drones.
Traffic was temporarily backed up
 over a great distance at both gates!
 The "Veterans Spring Days Drone Action" temporarily blocked traffic at the two busiest gates entering Beale AFB, the home to Global Hawk (Surveillance drone), the U2 and the MC12 Liberty aircraft, all participants in the so-called "war on terror." They have been complicit in the deaths and injuries thousands of innocent civilians.
In standing in the way of those driving in to participate
 in drone killing, demonstrators hoped to halt the
 drone warfare machine, however briefly.
"Drone Warfare Fosters Hate"
Many of those arrested were Veterans for Peace
This is the most people arrested in a single action at Beale AFB. Dozens have been arrested protesting drones at Beale AFB in the past year, including more than a dozen people and members of the clergy on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday this year. Three federal trials have been held – and earlier this month a lone protestor was found not guilty in U.S. Court in Sacramento.
 The Indictment delivered Tuesday says, in part:

Of the 13 arrested, 6 were veterans and 3 others had never done civil resistance before!

Big thanks to arrestees:

Veterans for Peace: Barry Binks, Michael Kerr, John Rieger, Cres Velluci, Richard Gilchrist, Ted Sexaur 

Non-veterans: Devan Phenix, Bev Fitzpatrick, Fred Bialy, Shirley Osgood, Pamela Osgood, Catherine Hourcade and Cathy Webster

And special thanks to Barry Binks for organizing it all!
Please join us whenever you can and help 
it to grow! Photos, video and more here.

May 17-27:  WALK TO PEACE with us, To Resist Global Militarization and Drone Warfare

We will walk from San Francisco to Beale AFB.  Please join all or part.....we need support crew too! Any help offered will be very welcomed!  More details soon.Visit the Occupy Beale AFB page for more information.

The Spring Days of Drone Action are
 in full swing all throughout the nation. Join us!