Saturday, May 17, 2014

Walk to peace crosses the bay.

Report of Walk to Peace, Day 1:  

UPDATE: The day was featured in a fantastic article on Popular Resistance.

We met at the Golden Gate Bridge and walked to the center of with banners & flags. It was very crowded so a lot of people cheered our signs.

Symbolically beginning the march from the center of the Golden
Gate Bridge, to head south and east then cross the bay by ferry.
Toby Blomé of Code Pink, Braving the
winds to hold aloft our message.
The bridge looks like a utopian monument to peace in this context.

"One people, one Earth. Stop Drone Attacks."

Bearing the standards of Peace.

Devan Phenix

Walked through Fisherman's Wharf and on to the Ferry Building where members of World Can't Wait greeted us with a scale model of an armed Reaper Drone, the model that continues to torment and kill in Pakistan and Yemen.

We took the ferry to Vallejo for the first night of our journey. A wonderful activist, Barbara, put us up for the night, presenting a delicious vegetarian meal. Tomorrow, we set out for day 2, 15 miles to the west side of Fairfield.


The Walk to Peace continues, and the Spring Days of Drone
continue nationwide. Click here to
 find out about events in your state.

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