Sunday, March 31, 2013

National Anti-Drone Days of Action Kicks off April 4th in San Diego

The National Anti-Drone Days of action begins Friday in San Diego. Organized by the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice,  the event spans the weekend and features daily demonstrations at the headquarters of General Atomics, a prime player in the burgeoning drone-industrial complex.

Recent images from the weekly protest at the General Atomics Headquarters
 (See coverage in the  San Diego Free Press)

On Saturday, April 6th, demonstrators clad in black will assemble at the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. The event will focus on honoring the names of 178 of the children and youth who have been killed by U.S. drone strikes to date. Performances by Vibe, a socially conscious hip hop group, as well as by the Occupellas (Occupy SD's female a capella chorus) will honor the many victims of U.S. drone warfare.

 More information on locations of individual events can be found at the SDCPJ website. Updates on the weekend will be forthcoming as the events unfold.