Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aug. 25-26: Occupy Beale AFB Stands With GAZA

Occupation is a Crime, From Afghanistan to Palestine

OCCUPY BEALE AFB.....Monthly resistance to Drone Warfare & Global Militarization
Join activists throughout Northern California
Aug. 25, Monday, 3pm-5pm, Wheatland Gate, S. Beale Rd. and Ostrom Rd.
Mon. Night Encampment, Main Gate, end of N. Beale Rd.
Aug. 26, Tuesday, 6-8am, Main Gate, end of N. Beale Rd.

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Wear Black clothing, to memorialize the lost lives from the recent assaults on GAZA.
Women in Black will be joining us! Nonviolent Direct Action planned.....see below!

Protesters at the Port of Oakland oppose Israeli Apartheid and violence in Gaza.

The global resistance to Israeli Apartheid is growing. Locally, a diverse group of activists blocked the Israeli Zim ship at the Oakland Port for 5 days!...ultimately causing it to return to the sea with only a small percentage of its cargo unloaded. It cost Israel hundreds of thousands of dollars! Now Tacoma and LA are joining the campaign....planning to block other Israeli Zim ships this weekend! The BDS campaign is expanding as the missiles on GAZA continue to slaughter civilians and destroy homes. Please join us this month as we bring the truth about Palestine to Beale AFB, and be a voice against the brutality of the "American/Israeli Military Industrial Complex".

Please read Sharon Delgado's call for direct action
Justice in Palestine and No Drone Warfare anywhere......
Drone Free World, from GAZA to Pakistan!

Hello Friends,

I know some of you are planning to join us at Beale for the demonstration against drones and militarism on Mon, August 25 and/or Tues, August 26 at Beale Air Force Base. This month we will focus on the Israeli drones and other high-tech weapons that have killed so many civilians, U.S. military aid to Israel, and the U.S. drone warfare program. We will wear black in honor of the "Women in Black" movement that began in Palestine, and has spread around the world.

The main gate of Beale on Tuesday morning would be a great place for a nonviolent direct action, if any of you feel ready to step across the line as a public witness against US military support for Israel. Recently, people who cross the line at Beale for the first time do bring publicity to the issues but do not get a citation and do not have to appear in court. Those who are "repeat offenders" (like me) do have to go to court to answer to charges of "trespass." Those of us who have been found guilty previously have been sentenced to 10 hours of community service. Our next arraignment (of 15 or so of us) will be on September 9.

I would be honored to offer a nonviolence training if any two or more people would like to take this step. Email me directly and we will set up a time.

We will be at the Wheatland Gate at 3 p.m. on Monday, and the Main Gate at 6 a.m. on Tuesday. See directions below. The Main Gate is about 35 to 40 minutes from Grass Valley, Wheatland a little longer.

Hope to see you there.

For Peace (with Justice),


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(See September 29/30 - Stop the Drones! at Beale )

Beale pilots control the Global Hawk, an important surveillance and reconnaissance drone that plays an important role in finding military drone targets and coordinating information before and during drone strikes. Pilots at Beale witness the carnage and devastation of drone strikes and are complicit in the assassination program.

(See Beale: Occupy Militarism, Ground the Drones, Shut the Base Down! )

The "Veterans Spring Days Drone Action" temporarily blocked traffic at the two busiest gates entering Beale AFB, the home to Global Hawk (Surveillance drone), the U2 and the MC12 Liberty aircraft, all participants in the so-called "war on terror." They have been complicit in the deaths and injuries thousands of innocent civilians.

(See Occupy Beale AFB Update: The ultimate right is the right to life! )

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