Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beale: Occupy Militarism, Ground the Drones, Shut the Base Down!

Protests and No Drones Encampments are held monthly at Beale Air Force Base, one hour north of Sacramento, near Marysville.
Last Monday and Tuesday of every month
3:00 pm Monday to 8:30 am Tuesday
Includes vigil and leafletting during pm and am base traffic rush.
Central meeting area: N. Beale Rd. entrance gate.
Encampment area: main gate parking area at end of N. Beale Rd.
Full information at Occupy Beale Air Force Base
Beale pilots control the Global Hawk, an important surveillance and reconnaissance drone that plays an important role in finding military drone targets and coordinating information before and during drone strikes. Pilots at Beale witness the carnage and devastation of drone strikes and are complicit in the assassination program.

Bay Area Contacts:

Toby Blomé (Bay Area CodePink):, 510-215-5974

Elana Levy:

Shirley Osgood (Grass Valley):, 941-320-0291


Join the Facebook event and invite friends to the September protest and encampment -- Monday, September 24, through Tuesday, September 25.

Bring banners, signs, tents, warm and cool clothes. Spread the word please!


Please join us October 29-30th, Mon. 2:00pm to Tues. 9:00am, when we will have our 1st nonviolent direct action, to increase our resistance to the brutality of drone warfare.

As usual, there will be a vigil at the base Monday afternoon during rush hour, and Occupy Encampment activities Monday night.

Nonviolent Direct Action to take place early Tuesday morning during morning commute rush into the base. (Details to be disclosed on Monday night.)

We want to build this into a large collaborative effort by local peace groups. Nonviolence training to be offered in mid-October. We need hundreds of people to risk arrest or provide support. Come one or both days.

Suggestion: Come to the September vigil encampment (see above) to get familiar with Beale AFB.

For more info about Drone Warfare and our resistance at Beale AFB: CODEPINK activists protest deadly drone strikes at Beale AFB - Video coverage from KMAX, February 28, 2011, on Youtube.

See also: full list of California drone bases.

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  1. The drones don't hurt anyone, idiots. There are no weapons on them, they're for reconnaissance Stop fucking up the lives of everyone who lives on the base. You're just pests.
    We're not the ones who choose war. Your "beloved" leaders: aka liars (like your president) choose that. We have no choice but to do what we're told or go to jail and have our lives ruined for disobedience.
    Why don't you do something useful like work on getting that little shit you put in office impeached?