Monday, May 19, 2014

Drone Strike Kills 7 in San Diego

Last weekend, California was alive with anti-drone ferment. While the Walk to Peace, a 10 day sojourn to Beale Air Force Base, set off across the San Francisco Bay, activists in San Diego held a weekend of demonstrations in solidarity with the nationwide Spring Days of Drone Action. One feature of the weekend was an evocative and powerful street theatre performance in San Diego's Balboa park, simulating a drone attack on American soil like those that have been and continue to be deadly reality in Pakistan and Yemen. Click here to stream video of the event.
The simulated Hellfire missile
 was lowered from above.
Balboa Park soon became a grisly scene indeed.
When Drones Fly, Children Die. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism 
has documented over 200 children confirmed killed by U.S. drone strikes.
What if they were our children?
Nearly five thousand people have been confirmed killed by
 drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen alone.
Those killed by U.S. drone strikes leave behind families and
 communities that are traumatized by their absence and
 by the randomness and violence of their slaughter.
Photos by Cristie Ann Paris
Thank you for bringing the consequences of U.S. drone policy
 home so vividly in San Diego, the home of General Atomics
 and many other military contractors that profit from drone terrorism.
The Spring Days of Drone Action continue throughout
 California and nationwide! Click here for more information.

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