Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Days of Action Against Drones are in full swing in San Diego

A weekend-long anti-drone event began today in San Diego. Based in the heartland of the high-tech drone industry, this banner event of the nationwide April Days of Action Against Drones (full nationwide schedule accessible at Knowdrones.com) focuses on San Diego-based corporation General Atomics. Continuing in to the evening with demonstrations at freeway overpasses, the event is making the voice of the nationwide anti-drone movement heard both in the mainstream media and internationally. Livestreams of the weekend's events, which will also include tributes to the victims of U.S. drone strikes worldwide, can be found at http://www.ustream.tv/occupysf.
A recent Overpass Light Brigade demonstration,
of which there will be several more this weekend in San Diego

Fox 5 San Diego recently featured San Diego Veterans for Peace member Dave Patterson discussing the way in which drones enable unconstitutional extrajudicial killing by decree. As highlighted by a recent article in the Daily Beast, however, San Diego is uniquely positioned, as a center of the U.S. drone industry, to grapple with the very real conflict of interest this burgeoning industry founded on the violation of constitutional liberties and the killing of foreigners in far-off lands presents.
A recent protest at General Atomics Corporation highlights the stark tradeoff implied
 in San Diego's embrace of the drone industry.

As is happening throughout the nation, a growing, vocal resistance in San Diego is eschewing the drone industry's and President Obama's attempts to make drone warfare the inevitable future of American foreign policy. Follow the livestream and check back here for frequent updates on the events of the weekend.

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