Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fly a kite, not a drone; at Beale AFB 3/24-3/25

Join OCCUPY BEALE AFB March 24-25 for their Monthly NO DRONES PEACE ENCAMPMENT. Present this month will be CodePinkVeterans for Peace, and activists from throughout Northern California.

Afghan Peace Volunteers on a cliff overlooking Kabul.One Afghan Peace Volunteer said:
"When I fly kites I feel so happy and free, I wish to fly
 in the sky like a kite without borders."

The Afghan Peace Volunteers are asking peace makers around the world to fly kites this month in Solidarity for Peace and a Drone Free World.  Join us at Occupy Beale AFB, as we color up the roadways into the drone base with beautiful colorful kites......modeling for the military the best alternatives to violence....PEACE!
Watch the Fly Kites Not Drones video recently made in Kabul

-A Colorful Kite with or without a message. 
Here's how to make a simple kite:
-COLORFUL CLOTHES to WEAR.......WE WANT COLOR  (Peace is Colorful & JOYFUL & FUN!)
-A Sky Blue Scarf:
-Friends with colorful kites!
-Other beautiful colorful things to color up our "Occupy Beale for Peace Kite Day"

Mar. 24, Monday, 3pm-5pm,  Wheatland Gate, S. Beale Rd. and Ostrom Rd. Mon. Night Encampment, Main Gate, N. Beale Rd.
Mar. 25Tuesday, 6-8amWheatland Gate
For more info./carpooling, 
Nevada/Yuba County:  Shirley  941-320-0291
Sacramento Area:  Barry  916-284-0944,
Directions To Wheatland Gate (PM & AM vigils),  
At intersection of So. Beale Rd. and Ostrom Rd.:

From the North  (Chico/Marysville):
Take Hwy. 70 south from Marysville, merge to left onto Hwy. 65.
Take Ostrom Rd. to left until it meets So. Beale Rd.  Turn left on So. Beale Rd. and park car to side of Rd.  If you miss the Ostrom Rd. turn off, continue south on Hwy 65, and turn left on So. Beale Rd. (marked with Beale AFB sign).

From the South (Sacramento/SF Bay Area)
Please check out these directions on pdf below, as getting onto Ostrom Rd. is a bit tricky from Hwy 70.

Directions to Main Gate (Mon. nite encampment area) :  
Take I-5 north of Sacramento, just north of I-80, take exit 525B to transfer to Hwy 99, continue  12.5. mi. and stay right to transfer onto Hwy 70, continue about 20 miles, exit at Feather River Blvd., just after the Erle Rd. exit. Do not take the 1st Feather River Blvd. which is about 10 miles earlier!  (note sign to Beale AFB)  Turn right at ramp, You’ll be facing Burger King, across the street, a good bathroom stop.  If you don’t cross the intersection, turn immediately right at the light (Lindhurst Ave.) and left at 2nd light to get on N. Beale Rd.   Continue on N. Beale Rd. for over 6 miles.  It dead ends at the Gate Entrance.  Plenty of parking on left side of Rd. near the gate.

Join us in uniting for Peace,
Shirley, Flora, Barry, Michael, Pamela, Janie, Fred, John, Catherine, MacGregor, Chris and Toby

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