Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Days of Drone Action 2014:

Former National President of Veterans For Peace Arrested at Beale
Eliot Adams as he is handcuffed outside Beale AFB
As reported by local news outlets, Elliott Adams, past National President of Veterans For Peace and international peace activist, was arrested during a nonviolent anti-drone action at Beale Air Force Base on Tuesday, April 1.  Adams lives in New York and is currently on a nationwide tour, speaking out about the importance of banning drone attacks, stopping war, and building a culture of peace.  He has also been conducting Unarmed Peacekeeping Skills Training & Strategy Sessions around the country with the Meta Peace Team, whose goal is "pursuing peace through active nonviolence."
Eliot Adams, happy to be engaging in civil
 disobedience to protest drone terror.
Also arrested was Adam's friend and fellow
 Veteran for Peace member Richard Gilchrist.
  Gilchrist served in the army in Vietnam
 and has also travelled around the country speaking and taking action for peace. 

Adams and Gilchrist walked across a line onto base property and were detained for an hour.  Other demonstrators, including several other Veterans for Peace, stood in a downpour until the two were released.  Later that evening Adams spoke in Grass Valley about "International Law, Drone Warfare, and Strategies for Peace."
Beale is home of the Global Hawk Drone, a surveillance drone that demonstrators claim helps in the targeting of Predator and Reaper armed drones.  Increasing numbers of demonstrators have been arrested at Beale over the past several months.  On March 5, Ash Wednesday, arrests included several members of the clergy.  Other actions are scheduled for later this month. 

At this April Fool's day demonstration,
 a sign that seemed too good to be true...
Sadly was.

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Spring Days of Drone Action 2014


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